​We bake goodness!

Hi there,

We are founders and the team that behind C'est Si Bon Dessert Cafe, which is the first dessert cafe in Hanoi. As our passion is to make freshly-baked, high-quality sweet treats and drinks with a modern twist that bring joy and happiness to the customers, we founded C'est Si Bon Dessert Cafe in 2017 to serve customers' cravings for good cakes, good coffee and good vibes.

We seek the finest ingredients that we can find locally to make outstanding desserts with seasonal menus and flavours. For us, C'est Si Bon Dessert Cafe is filled with love and passion with every ingredient, every product and every person that have accompanied us this journey all along. 

We can't wait to serve you in C'est Si Bon Dessert Cafe!


C'est Si Bon Team

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